Basic Temperature tracing with wired sensors (for air, liquids, ground,..)

Any Questions related to the tutorial Basic Temperature tracing with wired sensors (for air, liquids, ground,…)? Please ask here!

How many temperature sensor is possible to connect? Thanks

Hello and welcome @bredy73:

Our firmware has a “hard limit” at 25 sensors per bridge, but depending on the details you may have problems much earlier. It is really hard to actually say a plain number, since it depends on the available and used GPIO’s of your specific ESP, on the wire length, the power supply used and also the configured sensor measurement intervals.

Currently users typically try to use only one DS18B20 per GPIO, that limits them to about 7 Sensors on one Bridge. You can always add multiple bridges if you need more sensors.

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In tutorial the proget have two sensore, is it possible to use four temperature sensor?

Sure, but you will have to create your own configuration via our online configurator.

And you probably want to move each DS18B20 to its own GPIO - then you can identify them more easily.