Bridge does not connect to Wifi

Critical Bug: yes
Reproducable: yes

App Name: Sensate Monitor
App Operating System:iOS

Problem Description: Firmware installed. Tried to connect the bridge to my Wifi network via the iOS App. Display alternates between Connecting to ‘WifiNetworkName’ and Signing in, but no connection is made. App can not find Bridges in the network.

Other IoT-Devices (ESP-12) work perfectly well. Reflashed software. Checked password.

Hello and welcome Robert

Which actual device are you trying to connect? With this information we can try to lock down the issue.

You are trying to connect to a WPA-2 encrypted WiFi, and the Router has still available IP’s for your device?

If you have experience with a Serial monitorso, could you connect it and post the serial port output here please?

best regards

I am using a ‘AZDelivery NodeMCU Lua Amica Modul V2 ESP8266 ESP-12F’ with the firmware esp8266-v30-NodeMCU.bin’ for the project ‘Einfache Temperaturüberwachung mit kabelgebundenen Sensoren (z.B. in Luft, Flüssigkeiten und Boden)’

The WiFi is WPA-2 encrypted. I have 8 devices connected, there should be enough IP-adresses left? A change in settings to WPA+ WPA2 did not improve anything.

Sadly I am not able to get a coherent reading on my serial monitor. Baudrate is set to 230400 and Newline at CR+LF

Hi Robert, you have to set the baudrate to 9600 bd/s for the sensate firmware. On boot error the ESP12 transmits the message with 74880 bd/s. sincerely bernd-steffen

Thank you both for your help:)

I managed to get some Serial Data:

Registered Bridge URL:
I2C and Display Config: 4/5 - 128x64
No Power Save Port defined!
Display Type:1
Display Enabled:1
Display Rotation:0
Display Mode:0
Power Mode:0
Power On Delay:0
Power Save Port:
Power Save Port Inv:0
STATE: Connect_WiFi
Connecting to AP
SSID: //Wifi-Name
Password: ************
Connecting to WiFi
connRes: 3
Connected, IP address:
STATE: Check_Firmware
Trying firmware Update…
[update] Update failed.
STATE: Connected_WiFi
STATE: Register_Bridge
Registering Bridge xxx to Bridge located at
Register failed…? - HTTP:-1

The last three lines appear repeatedly for a while.

Is my WiFi the problem?

Does the device/wifi have internet access, or a captive portal?

From the error it seems like the ESP cannot connect to the cloud service

Thank you for the quick response.

My router has an internet connection, which is stable. There is no captive portal.

I will play with the Wifi settings and report back.

Is this the right IP-address-area, your other wifi-devices also use? Usally the Inhouse-Lan has or similar. Have a look at your router: which local IP-address has it?

Good catch. That looks more like a self-generated IP-Adress, do you have DHCP enabled, and if so - are there any free spots in the dhcp range in your network?

DHCP is active. Apparently the connection problem is due to wifi protocol issues between ESPs and my new router. I found this in a forum:äte/ESP8266-verbindet-sich-nicht-mit-TG3442DE/td-p/1974080

I connected the bridge to my neighbors wifi with no problems. Hopefully sensate will release firmware for ESP32s really soon. They work just fine.

Thank you for your help:)

We do have the ESP32 firmware in public beta test. if you want to participate let me know and I give you access. The more the merrier, to find the problems faster.

PS: This forum is dual language, its fine to ask in german too - for your next topic :wink: