D1 Mini not waking up again in energy saving mode

Critical Bug: yes
Reproducable: yes

App Name: Monitor
App Operating System: Android
App Running Device: Samsung A51

Problem Description:

Hello, I’m not sure if my problem is a bug but I found this the best fitting category. I’ve got a Mini D1 with a DHT11 sending Data. All works fine if I choose normal operation (powered from network). Yet what I really want is powering it from a powerbank and sending it to deep sleep when not sending data to save energy (battery mode). When this is choosen in the configuration the D1 is sending data once and then never coming back to llife again.
I chose 2000ms for delay in the deep sleep options. Also there is an energy saving port in the configuration. I’m not sure what it does but I tried using the port where the sensor is connected and also another port which made no difference.

I hope someone can help, because it would be nice to have the energy saving mode working properly.

kind regards

Hello and welcome @Max1!

From what you describe it seems like you forgot to wire D0 with RST. This is required for the ESP to wake up again.

The energy saving port can be used if you need an I/O to control for example the power supply of the DHT-11. Since it consumes quite some power it might be a good idea to only power it when the ESP is running, not in deep sleep mode. In this case you can control it with the configured Energy Saving Port and have an configured Delay - i.e. the ESP wakes up, powers the DHT-11 via the configured GPIO, waits for the configured amount of time, and then measures sensordata and goes back to sleep.

Hope this helps!

best regards,

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Hello Manuel,

thank you, this helps a lot! I had the bridge from D0 to RST missing. I think it works now, the D1 stays reachable. I can’t test it 100% because I think I killed the sensor, but I’m quite positive about it now.

It seems using the energy saving port in the way you described it seems to be a good idea, too. From what I’ve found I can even power the DHT11 directly from the Port (2.5mA).

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