ESP32 Firmware disponible

When will the firmware for ESP32-wroom-32U be available

Hello and welcome @XuxoCuesta

We are currently not planning on expanding the supported ESP microcontrollers


Hi @Manuel
that answer is a bit surprising, short and confusing to me as the original ESP32 microcontroller chip is already supported in the Config guide.

In the Configuration Guide one can even select the ESP-32-Wroom module (ESP32-D0WD) which is identical to the module mentioned above by @XuxoCuesta except is has an external antenna. Why wouldn’t it be support out of the box when “ESP-WROOM-32” is selected in the guide?

Could you please elaborate on how to choose ESP32 hardware and compatibility with firmware a bit as it is not documented at the moment and pictures are not clear.

To me all ESP32 modules are pretty much the same with the same ESP32 chip sometimes with PSRAM, sometimes without and more or less Flash, but apparently you support all sorts of combinations:

I would not even know how to choose from the three/four ESP32 dual core modules:

  • Generic ESP-32 (picture actually showing ESP32-Wrover (ESP32 with Flash and PSRAM)
  • ESP32 Dev Kit C (5 different version available 4 or 8 MB Flash with and without PSRAM available and documented)
  • ESP-WROOM-32 (Same as Wroover but no PSRAM))
  • ESP-32S (AI thinker clone of ESP-Wroom-32)

Could you give us some hint what the limitations are in the firmware and which of the three to choose from depending on what module is beeing used.


Hello @Tempbot

Basically it is all about our resources of testing other devices. There is lots of similar chips with different names and that might work, but we are currently not able to extend our testing, so we will not officially support them. There is the “GENERIC ESP-32” firmware, which you can obviously try to use on whatever ESP32, but we simply cannot guarantee that it will work, due to lack of testing from our side.

OK that was my initial understanding as well, I was just confused by your initial answer and the fact that my ESP32 Node MCU boards do not work. It is still an awesome solution you made!

It also means that the Sensatio Firmware is the same for all four supported ESP32 modules/boards, correct?

Is it also correct that the firmware does not use and does not need any of additional Flash or PSRAM that is included in the ESP-Wroom-32, ESP-Wrover-32 and similar modules? Or is 4MB flash a must have? ( A generic ESP32 would not have 4MB extra flash, but the 4 shown modules / boards all have 4MB flash)

To summarize firmware compatibility:

  • Chipset: From the four different ESP32xx chipset series the original ESP32 chipset/SOC and especially the ESP32-D0WD chipset is working and supported (but probably not the ESP32-S2, ESP32-S3 or ESP32-C3 chipset families)

  • Modules: Any module based on that ESP32 chipset should work (if the user figures out GPIO pinout and electrical wiring is similar) but it is not guaranteed.
    Tested and working modules are known to be ESP-Wrover-32, ESP-Wroom-32 and also its clone labeled ESP-32S with same pinout)

  • Dev Boards / Boards: The “ESP32 Node MCU” it is tested as working. It is widely available and close to an Espressif “ESP32-DevKitC-32E” with more PinOuts (38 vs 30) and basically ESP-Wroom-32 on a Pinout-PCB with USB and voltage regulator.

@XuxoCuesta The firmware is already available.
The pin layout of Espressif ESP32-wroom-32U module is the same as the Espressif ESP-WROOM-32 module which is explicitly tested and supported. You can find the details of both modules in the same support document from Espressif and they are almost identical in every aspect. I don’t understand your question or implicit claim.