Integrating new sensors yourself?

Hey everybody!
I’m new to this site but I’m surprised what you already achieved. I found your site while planing a simple tool based on an ESP32/ESP8266 with only 2 sensors: DHT11 and HC-SR04. I just need value tracking and an alarm-notification based on a set limit. Looks like I found a great product on your site. I’m only missing the integration for the HC-SR04. Do you provide a specification to write my own interface for this sensor? I’d be happy to do so and also provide the interface for this sensor as soon as tested.
Thank you for your feedback
BR Philipp

Hello and welcome!

We currently do not have a specification to write your own integrations, but its basically pretty simple… and I am more than willing to help if questions come up. Best start is to have a look in our public git repository: GitHub - sensatio/firmware-platformIO: The Sensatio firmware is used to connect ESP8266 and ESP32 based hardware with the Sensatio Cloud and the Sensatio apps. and check how a Sensor is implemented. Basically you just derive a new sensor from “input/Sensor.h”, and implement the required functions.

After that you/we’d extend bridge.cpp to actually read the required sensor configuration from the backend…

Now you have the sensor implemented, but the problem is - how do you configure it. We (currently) do not offer custom sensor types, but this could probably be added pretty easy to the backend.

If you really would want to go down that road and invest in implementing a new sensor I’m more than willing in adding such a option to the configuration backend.

best regards