New sensor to retrofit gas meter IN-Z61

The counter of Elster (HONEYWELL) is the most popular gas meter in Germany.
The sensor in ZN-Z61 is a reed switch with puls every 0,01 qm.![20210412_185118|281x500](upload://8kobKVINA2x6j71GlvNh65KCrVw.jpeg) ![20210412_185134|281x500](upload://vmwCqfyGXH6359LmWsBVoZjI7eY.jpeg)
One could use code written for a electro meter.
I have used SENSATE with digital input.
Also have good signal in Home assist using MQTT.
Where would you advise to do the code: ESP8266, android app, or Home assist?

Hello and welcome @maiktrizonia

I add this to the list of user requested sensors. At the moment I cannot give an ETA tho when this will be implemented.

best regards,