Sensate App crash

Critical Bug: yes
Reproducable: yes (Steps offered below)

App Name: Sensate
App Operating System: Android
App Running Device: OnePlus7T
App OS Version: Android 10
App Version: Latest as of 25/04/2020

Problem Description: As I flash the sensate firmware on the NodeMCU with ESP8266 chip everything is well. I download the android app and follow the instructions to connect the microcontroller to the internet, but when I select the device it founds (with name Sensate-Setup) the app crashes and I am never allowed to set it up.

Hello t4ir1!

Thanks for the report. We have not seen such a behavior so far, but probably because we do not have many Android 10 Users yet. Is it possible that you did not allow the Application the permissions it requested?

Thanks for your help, together we will sort this out!

best regards,

Hello Manuel,

Thank you for your prompt answer.
I gave it all the permissions I could give:

Also, I get two behaviours from the app:

1 - The app crashes when trying to connect;
2 - The app reports connect successfuly, but a prompt showing the ESP8266 devices to connect to pops right up again without actually connecting to the devices wifi.


I found your crash reports in the Developer Console, the problem is that the behavior is only happening on your device and I cannot reproduce it.

Do I understand this right: You select the Setup-Sensate Wifi and it crashes?

And in this case - The app connects to the Setup WiFi (or thinks it does) and on the next screen (this is the screen where you would select your Home WiFi to connect to) there are never any WiFis found? (and the device is actually not in the Setup WiFi, therefore cannot find the other networks…).

Just to be sure… could you please check for System Updates (Android OS) and maybe try to reboot your device once. The issue thats happening seems to be happening on Operating System level, which is kind of weird.

If this does not help I will try to add a workaround in the next update, hoping this can fix it.

Thanks for your help!

Hello Manuel,

Thanks first of all for keeping up with my issue.
I decided to make a video explaining my issue on this video both problems are aparent, in this case, the connection setup loops, on other instances, the app crashes after I click on the NodeMCU Wi-Fi.

Hello again :slight_smile:

First of all - sorry for the long response cycles, I think we are on the opposite side on the world, makes this a bit tough :slight_smile:

Thanks for the video! Helps me to understand whats happening… which is still very (very!) strange. Just to be sure: you did try to restart your phone right?

I’ve added a debug functionality in the app. Could you please:

  • On the Main screen, top right, there you get to the settings. In there you “activate logging”.
  • You reproduce the issue again
  • When you are done you open the settings menu again and “send logfile” to me:

Thanks alot.

Hello @t4ir1

Hope you are fine!

We are still having a hard time finding the issue thats causing your problem. However, we did release a new Firmware (v29) today for the ESP8266 chips, that will enable you to setup the wifi of the bridge via browser, and bypassing this step in the app. If you would like to try this, please let me know and I send you instructions.

Thanks! best regards,

Hey Manuel,

Thanks for your reply. Sorry I have been busy otherwise with other tasks and still didn’t have time to look into this. As soon as I have I’ll give it a try!