Sensatio closing the doors

Dear Community! (German version HERE)

The last weeks/months have been exciting, challenging and educational at the same time. As some of you have already noticed, it was no longer possible for me to put the necessary focus on the platform - which was simply due to the fact that it did not work out financially in the end, and therefore I had to find another mainstay.

Why? Well, many reasons, some bad decisions along the way, wrong priorities, and then Covid as well… none of it helped. In the end, what remains is an instructive time, many nice contacts with you, but unfortunately not a sufficiently lucrative business. Since Friday, the company is therefore in liquidation, and if everything goes according to plan with the beginning of 2023 finally closed.

The apps will disappear from the stores soon, installed apps can be used for the time being (until the server infrastructure is shut down). Please migrate your projects to other solutions in the meantime.

stay healthy,
best regards

To add something nice here too: Sensatio planted - with your help! - 254 trees and compensated in total 56.06 t CO2 - which is about 10 times as much as it ever caused. More infos to be found here.