State of Development

Hey there,
maybe I am getting something wrong but I think we should talk about the current state of this project or sensatio in general. Don’t get me wrong, I really like the idea behind it! I’m using sansatio to track the temperatures of my oven puffer and that works great!
The problem I’m talking about is the IFTTT integration and the notifications from the app. Neither of those things seem to work in current sate. There is no statement from the developers or even news about the development. Bug reports seem to get ignored or maybe they don’t respond to them. Am I getting something wrong?! For me these things were the reason to choose sansatio, because it should be easy! But in it’s current state I also can use a raspberry pi which allows me to get notifications and even use IFTTT.
I don’t know what you think about that but I really would like to get a comment from the developers about the current state of the project.