Turning of Humidity in one group turns of temperature in another

Critical Bug: no
Reproducable: yes (Steps offered below)

App Name: Sensate Sense
App Operating System: iOS
App Running Device: iPhone XS
App OS Version: 13.3
App Version: 1.2.0

Problem Description: When turning of humidity in one group, temperature in another gets disabled too. This leads to situations where a value is selected in the selection but not shown in the graph. If you don’t have color specific values for each graph you then have to switch all values off and on again.

Hello and thanks for the very detailed bug report.

From your video it seems like there is only a visualisation bug - i.e. the switch is rendered disabled, but the value is still visible. can you confirm this?

However, this will be fixed in the next release.

Depending on the order of selection there can also be situations where the value is set to on but not shown in the graph. But I guess it’s just rendering the wrong state and you need to trigger the change twice to get back to the right state.

Thanks, I can confirm this issue. Will be fixed in next Release.

We just pushed an update with the bugfix for this issue to App Review - should be available very soon :slight_smile: