Zoom in does not work on present day

Critical Bug: no
Reproducable: yes

App Name: Sense
App Operating System: Android
App Running Device: Fire Tablet HD 10, Sony Ericson ZX1
App OS Version: …
App Version: current

Problem Description:
1.When zooming out on the present (incomplete) set of data in the graph so that the complete day up to present time is visible, Zoom in does not work anymore, only zoom out. Even jumping to another day and back to the present the data remains zoomed out. App needs to be closed and opend again.
2. Zoom out, zooms out of scale to previous days without pulling the data. Zoom should be stopped in the case to where the data is beeing pulled.
3. When zooming out it needs 15-20 finger moves to get the full day. This should be less and more linear in a sense that each finger zoom should work faster at the beginning and slower at the end.

Thanks for the feedback, we will have a look into it. Unfortunately our resources to tackle these things are really low atm.